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Looking For Cheaper Flights? Google Flights Now Helps You Find Low Fares for Months in Advance

Summer’s around the corner and so is your big annual vacation. If you know your destination already but have trouble securing cheaper flights, Google Flights can come in handy. The company came up with a few features that should help you find low fares for up to 6 months in advance.

Maybe your travel destination is set but your flight dates aren’t. Open Google Flights and start searching for the best dates with the cheapest flights. Now, the site lets you track flight prices between two cities months in advance.

That’s not all. Once you book the flights, you can work on your travel itinerary. For example, save places to stay nearby the landmarks you’re interested in. One feature will show hotels and vacation rentals within 15- or 30-minute walking or driving distance.

On the other hand, you can go straight to Explore and see the weather and average hotel prices within easy driving distance from a place you’re already set to see.

There’s also new map filters that can help you navigate a big city and see what are the best neighbourhoods for sightseeing or delicious food.

And if you want to think about it a little more, you can also bookmark said locations and view them later by accessing the right-hand panel on your PC or the Saved tab on your phone.

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Looking For Cheaper Flights? Google Flights Now Helps You Find Low Fares for Months in Advance

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