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Louis Vuitton Launches Branded Earbuds For $995

Louis Vuitton

In case that your AirPods just didn’t cut it anymore, Louis Vuitton is now allowing us all to step up our earbuds game.

The brand’s wireless earbuds will be launching at the end of the month but, in spite of the fact that they carry the Louis Vuitton logo and design, the headphones are not actually manufactured by the company – they’re actually the Master & Dynamic MW07 earphones that have launched in 2018.

They normally cost $299, but, with the added Louis Vuitton paint job, the price tag goes all the way up to $995.

The earbuds will give you 10 hours worth of battery life, with a single charge delivering 3.5 hours. Of course, they come with a charging and carrying case.

They come in Black, White, Red or a yellow, blue and orange Louis Vuitton monogram design .

For the time being, the brand didn’t state an official date for the release and we can expect them to be a limited edition.

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