These Luxury Submarines Turn Yacht Owners In Deep Ocean Explorers

Billionaires with a taste for ocean exploration and a yachting hobby can add to their growing luxury vehicle collection a… submarine. Dutch company U-Boat Worx makes a living out of producing and selling underwater private vehicles for the Richie Rich of the world. #automagic

Cruise Sub is one of the most popular lines produced by U-Boat Worx, submarines that hold up to 11 people and can hit depths of up to 1,700 meters. They can be accommodated to fit aboard super yachts and taken underwater when the mood strikes. The attraction is understandable – an ordinary man turns into Captain Nemo overnight. “You’re sitting there, you’re breathing and talking naturally and normally with the people around you, listening to your favourite music, taking some photos. It’s kind of like going out in your family car but in the ocean – who wouldn’t be attracted by that?“, explains Louise Harrison from Triton Submarines.

The submarines have omnidirectional movement, rely on an electric thruster system and are designed to show off underwater wildlife as much as possible. Most of them are easily recognizable by the two large acrylic spheres in the front. Inside, viewers are invited to chill throughout the journey from revolving seats.

Each private submarine can be fitted with arms and cameras, depending on the type of mission the “crew” is on. The vehicles last up to 18 hours per charge and can automatically return to the surface if the users have gone too far.

It seems that what started as an eccentricity years ago has become a must-have for many super yacht owners and an essential part of underwater tourism.

Private submarines aren’t the only things you might encounter underwater. Drones that help catch fish, warehouses and tunnels that ease the congestion off ferries are just some of the projects tech companies are exploring for the years to come.

A couple of years ago, real estate developers were dreaming even of underwater houses – could you imagine yourself living there?

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