The Strongest Smartphone Display To Launch In 2019

diamond glass smartphone

Self-repairing and uncrackable phone screens are yesterday’s news. We’ve talked about them for more than a year now, yet manufacturers are still having trouble taking them to market. Without a date in sight, we’re left with concepts, not prototypes. That’s about to change in a year or so, if Akhan Semiconductor has anything to say about it #mobilemagic

As scratch and crack tests become more popular on YouTube, being religiously watched by consumers, manufacturers are doing their best to strengthen displays. Right now, smartphones sport displays created with Gorilla Glass and enhanced with shatterproof coatings or/and sapphire crystal toppers. Well, next year, we could finally test the first phone screen made with diamond glass.

Akhan Semiconductor’s Mirage Diamond Glass is said to hit the market in 2019. It’s a display made with lab-grown diamonds, promising better resistance against cracks and scratches. The company has been working on the product for more than two years now, looking for ways to minimize the diamond glass’ reflectance while paying attention to the coating texture and application.

OEMs are finally testing it, Akhan Semiconductor claims, so there’s hope that we’ll see smartphones and tablets debut it in less than 12 months. The company is discussing partnership one vendor at a time. That means we’re likely to see only one premium phone sport this super strong display in 2019.

Who do you think it will be?



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