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Love at First M-Byte: The Most Anticipated Car of the Year Opens Its Doors

It’s always a pleasure getting behind the wheel of a powerful, gorgeous car. It’s even better when said car is a concept vehicle, ready for autonomous driving and offering next-gen features you only dared to dream of! Byton M-Byte made its debut at CES 2018 this year but at Shanghai, we got the chance to see the interior up-close! #ttllive #mwcs18

The design is eye-catching, to say the least. M-Byte is powerful and sleek in the same time, a blue beauty you simply can’t ignore. It’s definitely recognizable so you need plenty of confidence to pull that “look” off in the city. Once you go inside, you’re surprised by the amount of space you have at your disposal, since the dashboard is all screen and situated pretty far from the front seats.

Of course, that begs the question: how will you control the smart dashboard safely and comfortably?

Byton implemented several systems:

  • a touchscreen on the wheel
  • facial recognition cameras
  • voice recognition assistant
  • gesture control area
  • via phone

In total, there are five ways to make this car listen to you. The touchscreen is the most handy just because it’s already something users are used to. The voice assistant, whether it’s Baidu in China or Alexa overseas, will also be convenient, since it will help you set destinations and more just as it does on a phone right now.

Besides those two, M-Byte offers wireless charging in-car so you can also connect the phone to the car.

That said, the most advanced ways to control the car are also the most exciting. Cameras with facial recognition set in the front of the car understand who’s beyond the wheel and can upload the profile of the user instantly. Gesture control is the most challenging while driving, but pretty intuitive in autonomous mode.

Once more, Byton stressed out that in a couple of years, the car will be available on the market and will be fully autonomous by 2020. They also ensured us that about 85% of all the concepts in the car will remain in the production vehicle.

Bottom line: We can’t wait for these years to fly by! At $45,000, Byton has all the chances to replace Tesla in users’ hearts.

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