Mainland China Smuggler Caught Wearing 306 CPUs Strapped to Himself

smuggler with cpus brace

How to avoid taxes? Chinese smugglers are getting more and more greedy trying to smuggle tech and this case truly takes the cake.

A smuggler was apprehended by Qingmao Port authorities wearing not one, not a hundred but 306 computer CPUs strapped to himself.

One observant Tomshardware editor noticed that the hundreds of CPUs in the photo posted by Chinese customs agents have an IHS marking – could the smuggled CPUs be the coveted AMD Ryzen 7000 series?

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In any case, the smuggler really flew too close to the sun, since, at about 50 grams per CPU, he was carrying around 33 pounds of extra weight – and that alerted the authorities.

China’s People’s Daily reported that the smuggler gave himself away as he “was walking in an abnormal posture,” which makes sense, considering he taped a CPU belt around his waist and a few more CPUs around his legs.

smuggler with cpus brace

This isn’t a case of illegal importation like those people smuggling Squid Game into North Korea. Instead, it’s a way for smugglers to avoid Chinese mainland VAT on consumer goods, which is 13%, while goods from Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions pay zero tax.

In March, another smuggler tried to sneak 160 Intel CPUs taped to himself – and would have profited handsomely if he weren’t caught, since they retail for more than $500 each.

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