Squid Game In North Korea Is A Thing, Thanks to Smugglers
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Squid Game In North Korea Is A Thing, Thanks to Smugglers

This show is so popular, it reaches even the most remote of places. Squid Game in North Korea is a major thing, despite the government denouncing the show.

Authorities there called it a reflection of the “beastly” neighbour South Korea, a society “in which human beings are driven into extreme competition and their humanity is being wiped out,” which is why the show has such an appeal. 

Thanks to smugglers, North Koreans “secretly watch the show under their blankets at night on their portable media players,” according to a report in Radio Free Asia.

Squid Game is Now Happening in Real Life

The outlet talked to a resident in the North Pyongan province, which borders China, who said that smugglers bring the show in the country at great personal risk, sometimes because they actually resonate with the story.

“They think the show’s plot kind of parallels their own reality, where they know they could be executed at any time if the government decides to make an example out of them for making too much money, but they all continue to make as much money as possible.

It not only resonates with the rich people, but also with Pyongyang’s youth, because they are drawn to the unusually violent scenes.  Also, one of the characters is a North Korean escapee and they can relate to her,” the source said,” said Radio Asia’s source.

His sentiments are echoed in Squid Game’s worldwide success, which spawned thousands of memes, particularly memes against capitalism.

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The dystopia presented, in which poor, vulnerable people with a history of bad decisions are manipulated by the rich, made Squid Game Netflix’s biggest show in history and generated record revenue.

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Squid Game In North Korea Is A Thing, Thanks to Smugglers
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