Squid Game is Now Happening in Real Life

Squid Game is Now Happening in Real Life

It’s taken over Netflix and now, the real world. Squid Game, the addictive new series streaming on Netflix, is now happening in real life.

The show’s concept has attracted real people this week at the eponymous competition in the United Arab Emirates. Organized by the Korean Cultural Center, the race is divided into two sessions. Fifteen people will participate in each of the sessions.

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The deadly children games that will keep everyone on their toes are red light green light, Dalgona candy challenge, Marbles and Ddakji.

While winners will take some prizes home, they won’t match the bid on the Netflix show.

Don’t worry – no one is going to go full Lord of the Flies there. There won’t be any bloodshed or violence of any kind, unlike at a Belgium school, even though it’s technically the months of horrors with Halloween right around the corner.

To keep the Netflix series feel, the event’s staff will wear the pink circle, triangle and square costumes.

What would you do – if invited, would you play Squid Game in the real world?

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