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Make Your Own Luxury Lipstick? The YSL Perso Gadget Does Just That

As with every year, CES 2021 brings a lot of helpful gadgets – and things you didn’t know you need.

How about unlimited lipsticks in a to-go package the size of a coffee cup?

Add this L’Oreal Perso lipstick maker to the second list, because it’s a must for beauty gurus and enthusiasts!

The Perso is a $299 gadget the size of a coffee cup, fitted with a makeup compact on top.

Inside, you have three liquid lipstick cartridges (think your base shades, the ones you used the most) that, with a click, go up into the compact.

You then mix them with the included brush, which snaps magnetically to the side of the Perso, and get the perfect custom lipstick shade.

The Perso is made by L’Oreal and right now only works with the luxury YSL line.

There, you can find packs of cartridges grouped by the base shades – nude, red, fuchsia and orange.

Mixing those shades can get you virtually unlimited lipstick shades but wait! What if you don’t know color theory or just can’t be bothered to experiment?

L’Oreal also has the app YSL Rouge Sur Mesure, which recommends trending shades picked by L’Oreal, beauty gurus or even based on your skin tone, eye or hair color.

Want to match your lipstick to your accessories?

You can even snap a picture of an item you want to match, then the Perso will create the perfect lipstick shape.

Right now, the Perso might look expensive at $300 but this device also comes with three cartridges, with additional cartridges costing $100 for a three-pack.

Still, considering YSL lipsticks go for $40-$50 a pop, the Perso and three cartridges for unlimited colors is a significant deal.

Too bad you don’t get Sephora points for it!

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Make Your Own Luxury Lipstick? The YSL Perso Gadget Does Just That
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