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This Lasso Robot Can Stop the Recycling Hassle At Home

We all want to recycle more but doing it can be an annoying chore sometimes.

Now, there’s this Lasso robot that can help save you time, while helping to save the planet as well!

Lasso, a new start-up, introduced a nifty robot capable of accepting, identifying and preparing recycling materials.

Just drop something in the robot and it will be analyzed. 

If it’s recyclable material like glass or soda cans, the robot will grind it and prepare it for proper disposal.

The lasso was built by Aldous Hicks, a mechanical engineer and programmer, saw that when “you mix up different items all together at the beginning – whether it is data or used-materials – they are difficult to separate later” and, of course, as you know by now “everything then ends up being wasted”.

Enter Lasso, an appliance that could be installed by a regular plumber, which will wash, grind and store the recyclables for you.

Basically, you have a recycling center at home!

“Unlike your current curb-side recycling bin, which jumbles bottles, tins, plastics and paper together, Lasso produces recycled materials of a far higher quality than its industrial cousins. Used glass, plastic and metals can then be manufactured into goods of the same or similar value.

This is closed-loop recycling,” explains the official website, where you can read more about this robot showcased at CES 2021 and even pre-order it.

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This Lasso Robot Can Stop the Recycling Hassle At Home

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