Mercedes Benz Reveals EV Concept And Everyone Is Making Fun Of It

Mercedes Benz Reveals EV Concept And Everyone Is Making Fun Of It

Credit: Mercedes Benz

We’ve seen a lot of electric vehicle concepts this year,  from the adorable UPS vans to the questionable Saroléa motorcycle design. But somehow it’s the big names out there that insist on coming up with decisions we would all like to have a word with them about.

If you Google the new EV concept from Mercedes Benz, you will find a lot of people who really don’t like the design in the slightest, to say the least.

The company recently unveiled the Vision URBANETIC in Copenhagen, described as “a revolutionary mobility concept that goes way beyond existing ideas on autonomous vehicles.”

It’s understandable Mercedes-Benz wanted to get on board the electric van ship because the EVs have the potential to reduce the cost of moving both people and goods.

As to why they chose this design in particular, the Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG said that the “Vision URBANETIC takes our design language of sensual purity way into the future. We’ve created a standalone aesthetic for a mobility concept that has never before existed”.


Moving on then, we have to let you know there is a way to be rid of it: the design can be swapped out for other configurations because the vehicle in itself is actually just a platform, as you can see in the photo below.

Genius or ridiculous? Could be both, at the end of the day, since the platform would allow just one vehicle to be adapted for any of the user’s needs, be it to transport people or cargo – it can carry up to 10 EPAL pallets or accommodate up to 12 passengers.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz / YouTube 

Mercedes-Benz has plans to make an entire fleet of them and via an Uber-like app, you will be able to summon them when they are needed.

There have been no details disclosed as far as availability goes but it’s becoming more and more clear that electric vans are here to stay and plan to become a big part of our future in transportation.

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