Metro Too Expensive? Wing Bikes Might Be Your Transportation Option

PC: Wing Bikes

From more electric vehicles to more advanced public transportation, the eco-friendly travel industry has been booming. But in places like New York, travel by car is difficult and public transportation is too expensive. Wing Bikes is providing a relatively cheaper option to commute around the city.

Currently, a monthly Metrocard in NYC costs $121, totaling about $1450 per year in transit costs. Wing Bikes is offering an Early Bird special on its, meaning their bikes will cost $1295 upfront (or about $100 in monthly payments).

These bikes not only cost less than a year on the Metro, but they have amenities that support ease of travel. The minimalistic bike series is powered by a removable battery pack that can charge on or off the bike. Charge time takes 4 hours and can go up to 60mi.

The Wing Bikes also come with several other smart features including a theft detection alarm, control dashboard (with a speedometer, distance traveled, horn and more). Weighing only 39lbs, the bike is light enough to carry around as well.

Its Intelligent Motor Assist works with you by starting motor output with pedaling. By adjusting how much power is output by the motor, you can turn any hill or incline into an easy ride.

Wing Bikes will start delivering in March-April 2019 so if you’re looking to hop onto the Early Bird Special pricing (which is less than a year on the metro), you better reserve yours now!

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