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Microsoft Employee Accidentally Reveals Major Notepad Update In Windows 11

Oops? A Microsoft employee posted a picture of the new version of Notepad for Windows 11 but he seems to have spilled the beans too soon.

“The employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, posted a photo of a version of Notepad with tabs, enthusiastically announcing “Notepad in Windows 11 now has tabs!” with a loudspeaker emoji,” reports The Verge, who says that the tweet was taken down mere minutes after posting. 

Still, in Twitter time that might be an eternity, and people have also noticed that the Notepad screenshot in question had a “Confidential. Don’t discuss features or take screenshots” notice on it.

Obviously, the employee who jumped the gun and announced Notepad tabs might be in trouble but still, he might have also done some good.

The idea that Notepad could become more updated or “complicated” really set some Internet communities ablaze with discussion. Do you think Notepad should have tabs and more modern features?

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A lot of people are loving this app precisely because it’s so basic (this editor included), so Microsoft might do well to check out the community feedback before doing anything drastic with this classic app. After all, this is one software that’s mostly unchanged for about 4 decades now!

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Microsoft Employee Accidentally Reveals Major Notepad Update In Windows 11
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