Microsoft Surface Duo Foldable Phone Spotted In The Wild: Check Out the Video!

The announcement of the Microsoft Surface Duo foldable smartphone back in December was probably the last good news of the year and now the device is already out in the wild.

An online video surfaced showing a user playing with the Surface Duo Android smartphone.

Well, to be accurate, we could be calling them “smartphones”, since they’re two side by side 5.6-inch screens united by a 360 degree hinge that can each run a separate app.

During the announcement, Microsoft showed off a version of Android adapted to resemble the Windows 10 interface and something similar is present in the video as well.

That’s going to be the biggest challenge of Microsoft’s idea of a foldable phone – just how fluid Android can run from one to two displays and how gesture animations will feel.

The video also shows a few seconds at how an app will look running on both screens in “extended canvas” mode.

The device you see was spotted on the SkyTrain in Vancouver and the person handling the Duo is most likely a developer who received it to create apps for the new format. 

As stated in December, Microsoft considers this a prototype, so the specs are all up in the air at this point.

What we do know is that under the hood there’s a Snapdragon 855 processor…and not much else, so patience is key. 

Until Microsoft releases more, we’ll have to settle for the official video.

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