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Microsoft Teams and Outlook Outages Continue Despite Company Announcing A Fix

On January 25, tens of thousands of users reported that Microsoft Teams, Outlook and other MS-owned software was down, which meant the problem likely affected millions of users around the world. After a few hours, Microsoft announced the outage was resolved but some are still reporting problems.

The Microsoft Teams outage was the most visible, as it has a user base of more than 280 million people according to the BBC, but the email client Outlook also stopped working, as well as most Microsoft services.

“We’ve isolated the problem to networking configuration issues, and we’re analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address these without causing additional impact. Refer to the admin center MO502273 or for more information,” announced the official Microsoft 365 Status account.

Among the impacted services were other widely used productivity and business tools, including Sharepoint Online, OneDrive, PowerBi, Microsoft Graph, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

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The Microsoft outage was a significant one, affecting everything from companies who use the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service to gamers wanting to play on Xbox Live. Hours after the reports came pouring in, with India and Japan leading the reports, Microsoft announced on Twitter that the “impacted services have recovered and remain stable”.

However, looking through the replies to this post, many are still reporting outages to multiple Microsoft services.

“Any updates on the impact? Health service in MAC is still showing alerts /incidents while Outlook Admin notifications and the Microsoft Service Status pages is stating everything has been resolved,” asked one user almost a day after the initial message, while another tweeted to ask “Are you sure it’s resolved? I’m in Thailand and I find the microsoft365 online and teams is still not so stable.”

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Microsoft Teams and Outlook Outages Continue Despite Company Announcing A Fix
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