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Netflix’s Real-Life Squid Game Had Contestants Collapsing, Some Suffering Frostbite

The real-life Squid Game show from Netflix was announced hot on the tail of the Korean TV series that took the world by storm but it seems production met a couple of challenges.

A report in UK newspaper the Sun says that “Netflix’s real-life version of Squid Game turned into a freezing nightmare with at least one contestant stretchered off and others saying they suffered what felt like frostbite.”

It’s worth noting that The Sun isn’t the most trustworthy news source, it being a tabloid and all, but it does seem that the Squid Game reality show did pose quite a few challenges for both the company and the participants.

Apparently, filming for the Red Light, Green Light challenge (you know, the one with the creepy doll and catchy song) happened in temperatures of -3C / -15.88F. Coupling that with long filming hours and remaining motionless for long amounts of time, some participants started feeling sick.

One unnamed player told The Sun that they had to stand outdoors for 30 minutes between takes and that “it was like a warzone. People were getting carried out by medics but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk then you’re out.”

The Netflix show, a first of its kind for the company, has a record million prize or more than $4.5 million and, just like the show, 456 contestants from all over the world.

The Squid Game reality show is being secretly filmed at Cardington Studios, a former RAF base near Bedford.

While it looks to be a major production, we’d still like to get more details about the Squid Game Season 2, since the first one ended on such a cliffhanger.

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Netflix’s Real-Life Squid Game Had Contestants Collapsing, Some Suffering Frostbite
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