Microsoft's Surface Tablet Passes FCC
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Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Passes FCC

Credit: Csaba Nagy/ Pixabay

It has been reported that Microsoft was working on a cheaper $400 Surface tablet, but no one was sure if the project would come to fruition.

Last week though, a Surface tablet passed FCC, which might hint at a possible launch, if we consider the fact that usually, devices don’t even appear in the FCC listings unless they have been tested and are ready for the market.

The FCC documents refer to the device simply as Model 1824, which is described as a portable computing device and that it might be using an Intel-based processor.

Microsoft itself has not officially acknowledged any work on any type of Surface tablets and it’s not clear when the company would even plan to introduce it to begin with. It’s worth noting that Microsoft did request that the FCC keep any details about the tablet under “short-term confidentiality” up until December 28, so if we’re looking at a possible launch date, the best guess we have is by the end of this year.



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