Mokase Is A Phone Case That Makes Coffee

mokase phone case coffee

A Naples-based company invented the perfect gadget for those of you who often have to skip their morning coffee. Whether you’re waking up too late or forget to buy coffee pods, Mokase will come in handy. This gadget is in fact a phone case that can make a shot of hot coffee no matter where you are #objectmagic

Luigi Carfora and Clemente Biondo from Smark K found a way to bring a cup of joe with them everywhere they go. The Italian inventors simply came up with a smartphone case that holds a coffee cartridge and a pipe through which it can pour the hot beverage. A user simply has to insert the thin, espresso-filled Mokaromi cartridge in the side of the case, then place the smartphone inside it. Once the case is in place, the user has to send the order through a companion Mokase app. At that moment, the cartridge’s seal breaks and the case’s built-in lithium battery starts to heat up the 25ml of coffee (about the amount you’ll find in a typical Italian espresso).

The process takes around 8 seconds, after which an alloy aluminum-silicon pipe can pour the beverage through a hole in the case, without changing the taste of the coffee or releasing toxins. Mokase is only 1cm in thickness and can heat up the espresso shot to 50-60 degrees Celsius. There are three types of coffee cartridges to choose from: classic, toasted and arabic. Smark K says that the case is completely heatproof and waterproof and that it insulates the coffee when brewed. 

Carfora and Biondo developed the case to fit Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG smartphones and to support USB charging. They’ve also added a small coffee cup if you don’t have one nearby. As the case, this was designed with portability in mind, so it’s collapsible.

Initially, Mokase was up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter but soon, the company closed the campaign for a surprising reason. Apparently, the product was so popular, that they decided to go with the flow and start production immediately. The coffee-maker case will soon be available for pre-order at the price of £67.


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