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Mophie Releases New Portable Batteries With Capacities of Up To 20,000mAh

If you needed more from your portable batteries, Mophie is here to deliver: the company just announced its latest devices via a press release stating that they are ready to provide the consumers with power for all their devices, whenever and wherever that power is needed. 

We’ve updated our powerstation line to feature USB-C ports, so consumers can use the same cable to not only charge their device, but to recharge their powerstation as well.” the press release went on to say. 

The powerstations deliver capacities from 5,000mAh up to 20,000mAh  and have USB-C ports for input and output which means you can carhe the powerstation itself as well as the connected devices. 

In addition to that, there’s also USB-A ports that can charge iPhones, iPads and everything else in between. According to the company, they’ve been triple tested to ensure peak performance and safe operation and they all come with a two-year warranty. 

The Powerstations each have a fabric design for protection against scratches, which is a super nice touch as far as I’m concerned and give them that extra ‘oomph’ that also happens to feel nice in your hand. They’re also more or less the size of your regular smartphone, so they fit inside any bag you might choose to carry along. 

All of them also feature an LED indicator that shows the users the charging status and battery life. The colors available are Black, Gray, Navy, Hot Pink and Light Blue but the powerstation XL is only available in Black and Greay while the XXL option, which packs 20,000mAh only comes in black. 

The starting price is of $39,95 for the 5,000mAh powerstation, dubbed ‘the mini’ and it goes all the way up to $69,95 for the XXL variant, the one that packs in the whooping 20,000mAh. 

You can grab them on the company’s official website for now but they will soon become available at Best Buy, Verizon and the T-Mobile retail stores across the United States. 

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