Most Expensive iPhone 11 Pro Comes With Luxury Watch on the Back

Most Expensive iPhone 11 Pro Comes With Luxury Watch on the Back

Update: iPhone 11 Pro Solaris is sold out. Want to guess who bought the iPhone?

Apple may want to bring the iPhone price down, but other companies are interested in taking it as high as it goes. Case in point: Caviar and their extremely expensive iPhone 11 Pro with a luxury watch on the back.

Imagine pouring diamonds over gold over diamongs and you get an idea of what iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solaris brings to the table. The unique smartphone is Caviar’s latest ludicrous creation from half a kilogram of gold and 137 diamonds.

If you can see past the blinding golden light it exudes, you will be able to see a luxury watch on the rear of the phone. Why would you need an analog watch on the rear of a phone that lets you see the hour is beyond me. Then again, this entire edition doesn’t need a reason to exist.

It just is.

The watch comes with a tourbillon and a beautiful yellow diamond on the watch face. Depending on the storage configuration you choose, you’ll have to pay between $70,340 – $71,520.

For those less inclined to buy a jewel for a phone and more interested in out-of-this-world materials, Caviar has Mars, Luna and Terra variants.

Each of these contain materials obtained from space and are, thankfully, less expensive. The Mars and the Luna iPhone models are available in 19 copies and cost $8,100 and $8,130, respectively. The Terra one is $8,260.

All of them have as rear centerpiece the watch face and tourbillon.

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