Motorola Joins Forces With iFixit To Offer Customers Phone Repair Kits


If you break your phone you can expect not only to wait around a long time until the manufacturer will fix it but also a bill to match it. You can try and fix it yourself with whatever you find in your toolbox and I am sure a lot of us have plenty of horror stories about that.

Motorola decided to do something about the issue of the busted phone and got together with iFixit in an attempt to offer certified repair kits for a number of its phones.

The kits contain OEM parts and tools like screwdrivers, spudgers, picks, tweezers and the occasional heating pad you’d need to melt adhesive. You can also find instructions on how to get the job done on repairs like swapping displays or batteries, which are the most common types of fixes encountered in smartphones.

The display kits cost between $75 and $200, depending on the model, while the battery ones are $40 or less. At the moment, the company has 17 kits available and most likely a few more on the way.

Motorola is definitely getting some extra points from us for this initiative.

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