Mui Lab Will Present "Height Marking in Wood" At CES 2020

Mui Lab Will Present “Height Marking in Wood” At CES 2020

Mui Lab came up with a very interesting and innovative project, which is about to be fully unveiled at CES 2020. The project consists of a family memory archiving system integrating a “connected” wooden pillar that lets you write and draw on with a digital pen.

What’s that for, some of you might ask? Well, the system is basically a digital version of the family practice of keeping track of their children’s height measurements on the wall, something we all have been through.

With Mui’s Lab “Height Marking in Wood,” technology easily blends into everyday life and creates some sort of a digital tradition of “family shared time”.

The system uses the “Mui 1st edition” interface based on IoT, for wooden smart home devices, a versatile device that can perform various operations.

The first public release is scheduled at CES2020, while the developer version will be released on January 29, 2020.

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