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New Facebook VR Headset Looks Like Regular Glasses

facebook vr glasses prototype

The owner of Oculus Rift has kept quiet lately when it comes to VR and now we know why: Facebook has been working on holographic optics light VR headsets.

That’s a fancy way of saying VR eyeglasses that look like eyeglasses, a project attempted, then abandoned, by multiple companies so far.

The glasses you see were presented in a  Siggraph 2020 research paper titled “Holographic Optics for Thin and Lightweight Virtual Reality,” where it was explained that the system use flat films to create a display that’s just a bit thicker than what you get on a smartphone.

The display is made of several thin layers of holographic film with directional backlights and a projection system.

According to them, the thickness can range between 9mm and 11mm and the performance is comparable to current VR goggles.

The prototype has 1200 x 1600 px resolution and a field of view of 93-degree circle or a 92-by-69-degree rectangle.

” That’s roughly comparable to the display specs of a 571-gram Oculus Quest, but in a glasses-like form factor that weighs less than 10 grams in total, albeit with only a single eye display in the prototypes.

The researchers note they could cut parts and change materials to achieve a 6.6 gram weight equivalent to plastic aviator sunglasses, but would compromise performance by doing so,” explains VentureBeat.

Unfortunately, the outlet also says that, while Facebook has three prototypes, including a full color one, the new tech is nowhere near ready for a market release.

You’ll have to have a bit of patience to see the future of VR.

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