Nike Joyride Shoes Has A Cushioning System Made Out Of TPE Beads

nike chisioning system

Though Nike provides clothing for different types of exercise, it has a bit of a sweet spot for running. Some of the best running shoes out there are, after all, Nike shoes. Take for example the ZoomX Vaporfly, Pegasus Turbo and Epic React, just to name a few. 

The company is well-known for its different cushioning platforms and it recently announced a new one for the Nike Joyride shoes. 

What is special about this new system is that it uses what the company calls “Nike-only” proprietary cushioning TPE beads. These beads are capable of something the brand calls ‘multi-dimensional displacement’ which, in layman’s terms, means that the pods the beads are placed in can expand in all directions. 

Nike states that it tested 150 materials before it decided to use TPE, a copolymer of plastic and rubber, to create the beads from. The running shoes contain 8,000 beads in total, each: 50% of them cover the heel strike while 5% of them cushion the toe. 

This new system basically created a dynamic footbed that fits the foot perfectly in a personalized manner unique to every user. 

The pods have also been designed with running in mind; for example, the heel pod is bigger than the others because it needs to absorb more impact. The forefoot pods on the other hand, are focused on facilitating a smoother transition forward. According to Nike, the runners will feel like they are “running on bubbles”.

Durability has also been a focus when creating the Joyrides and, according to the company, the cushioning system surpassed 450 miles with absolutely no issues in the wear and tear department. 

Nike touts the shoes as perfect for both the novice runner as well as for the seasoned marathoner. 

They are available to Nike members as of today while the rest of the world will get them on August 15th, with a price tag of $180. 

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