Nikon Discontinues Production of 1-Series Mirrorless Cameras
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Nikon Discontinues Production of 1-Series Mirrorless Cameras

Credit: Nikon

Nikon Inc. in Japan has officially confirmed today that the 1-series camera is no longer in production.

There was a rumor going on that the series would be done for by the end of last year, but the 1-series decided to persist for a while longer.

Its last update was in 2015 with the J5, which was the most promising product of the Nikon 1 series at the time.

The 1-series was not a professional option, being mostly aimed towards enthusiasts, especially since it was also affordable. But unfortunately, when compared to other mirrorless cameras with larger sensors, it did not fare too well.

In spite of all this, Nikon is still rumored to be trying to introduce two full-frame mirrorless cameras quite soon. If they will match up with the competition, or better, raise above it, remains to be seen.

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