Microsoft Introduces Xbox One Sport White Special Edition Controller

Credit: Microsoft

For those of you who prefer to play their games on consoles, you’re not suffering from a lack in controller design choices. There are custom paint jobs and also special edition controllers you can pick and choose from.

And now Microsoft has added another design to that limited edition list.

The new controller sets the pace for the Xbox One Sport series and it does not come with a colorful color scheme at all. What makes it stand out is its sleek almost completely white design, punctuated a few splashes of mint green, grey and silver.

On the back of the controller, Microsoft placed a rubber diamond grip that keeps the controller from slipping, another improvement besides to the color scheme.

Other than that, it holds a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth, just like your standard Xbox One controller.

The controller does not come alone, as Controller Gear is launching with an Xbox Pro charging stand sporting the same design. The stand comes with a rechargeable battery that you fit in the back of the controller.

It costs $49.99, which is fine, considering you won’t have to invest in batteries again.

The controller will launch in the Microsoft Stores first and then select retailers across U.S and Canada starting July 31. It will cost $69.99.

The worldwide launch will happen on August 7.

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