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Nikon Teaser Video Emerges for New Mirrorless Camera

Nikon was not going to come out with a mirrorless camera without a bit of noise. The company posted a teaser video on their website, alongside “In Pursuit Of Light”, the accompanying campaign website.

The video is titled “Travel of Light” and it shows rays of light that blast out of the camera and pierce the darkness in order to form a photograph of a woman looking up.

The video is intended to just keep everyone on their toes that yes, mirrorless cameras are coming, and that a new product is underway.

This is Nikon’s answer to the Sony A7 III cameras, which have been quite successful. Rumors are that Nikon will launch its mirrorless cameras at the end of this month and start shipping the first two models in August.

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Nikon announced that it had discontinued its other 1-series mirrorless cameras at the start of this month, since the product did not fare well. We wouldn’t be surprised if that was a strategic move that allowed them to come with something superior.

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We’ll find out soon if the new Nikon cameras can restore the company’s reputation in that area.

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