Nintendo Changes Refund Policy to Allow For Refunds on eShop Pre-Orders

Nintendo Changes Refund Policy to Allow For Refunds on eShop Pre-Orders

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Perhaps this isn’t the Nintendo news you were looking for, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Nintendo has reportedly changed their eShop pre-order policy.

According to Engadget, Nintendo is now allowing refunds on the eShop for pre-orders. However, you will be able to get a refund up until your card is charged, which is no sooner than seven days before the item releases. This policy has already started, meaning any games digitally pre-ordered will be able to be refunded.

Previously, the policy was to charge the card immediately and offer no refunds. There are stories that Nintendo has a “one time” refund policy where you could get refunded once per account. However, there’s no official policy statement on this matter.

Although a step forward, Nintendo’s refund policy is still lacking compared to its competitors. At baseline, most places offer pre-order refunds up to the moment its downloaded. Steam and GOG have particularly consumer friendly policies, with the former letting players refund games within the first two hours of playing the game and the latter offering a full 30-day refund policy.

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