Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.1.0 Is Out

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.1.0 Is Out

PC: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.1.0 has now been released.

According to Nintendo Life, the main feature included in this update is the ability to “delete old data for software, to make it easier to download newer data.” This is likely for when a game is getting a software update and space is needed for said update.

As always, there are also some general stability updates as well.

These minor updates often go overlooked, focusing more on stability issues that rarely affect the day-to-day of players.

However, the latest Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.0.3 caused Nintendo Switch Error 2123-1502 which caused issues downloading or updating games. Nintendo made little in the way of official commentary on this issue.

With update 12.1.0 released, hopefully that previous issue is fully behind users and no new issues occur.

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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 12.1.0 Is Out
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