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Nixie Looks Like A Watch, Stays On like A Bracelet But Acts Like A Drone

Many consumers would describe drones as cameras with wings. Absolutely true. Add to this the ease with which they can be taken on trips and record from above and they become perfect travelling companions. Yet, they still have occupy space in backpacks and will keep your hands full with the controller. Nixie wants to free drone fans like you and me #actionmagic #objectmagic

In 2014, Nixie was the project that won over Intel at the “make it wearable” competition. The company was convinced by the idea of a wearable drone and supported their dream with enough funding to make a finished product. Nixie was designed as a tiny quadcopter that stays on the wrist in off mode, like a watch. With a simple flick, the user can take it off and throw it in the air where it will act on one of the set flying modes: Boomerang, Panorama, Follow Me and Hover mode.

Motion-prediction algorithms and sensors keep it in the air, recording you while climbing mountains, slack-lining or riding your bike. Then, every memory captured goes on your smartphone and can be shared from there to be seen by the whole world.

The development team says we’ll see Nixie on our wrists pretty soon, changing once more the meaning of “portable cameras”. 

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