Nomadic Partners With Area15 for Las Vegas Mixed Reality Arcade

Nomadic Partners With Area15 for New Mixed Reality Arcade in Las Vegas

Photo credits: Nomadic

Nomadic has opened its mixed reality arcade for its first-person shooter game, Arizona Sunshine, in partnership with Area 15.

The arcade will offer an immersive “mixed reality” experience which combines impressive set-designs with VR. Arizona Sunshine: Contagion Z and Arizona Sunshine: Rampage will be among the hosted games.

The overall experiences will be full of physical props, set design, and environmental effects.

“Nomadic is creating a new medium of immersive entertainment. Bringing this to market with a partner like Area15, which is committed to achieving that same high level of innovation and entertainment as us, is a perfect match for us,” stated Nomadic founder Doug Griffin

Photo credits: Nomadic

“To be paired with other ground-breaking activations is exactly why we chose Las Vegas as our next location and we know the residents and guests of this city will enjoy getting lost in these incredible adventures, ” he added.

Area 15 will basically be the place where all of Nomadic’s Las Vegas magic will happen. We’re talking about a space of 6,000 square feet of the 200,000 total dimension of the complex.

In their journey, the guests’ transportation will be handled through shorter-form mixed-reality experiences.

Appropriate from children starting from the age of 10, Nomadic’s content is made in collaboration with Vertigo Games. Other amazing experiences are about to be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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