Nubia Red Magic 7: The Secret Weapon That Could Destroy the Competition

Nubia Red Magic 7 phone has a secret weapon that could destroy the competition, namely gaming phones like ASUS ROG Phone 6 and Lenovo Legion 3 Pro. 

Nubia Red Magic 7: The 165 Secret Weapon

Legion 3 Pro, Red Magic 7, ROG Phone 6 are just words and numbers. You can mix them up and it won’t make a difference; not the same thing can be said about specs. Specs can tell you a lot about a phone at first glance, enough to make you want to know more. 

And this time, the 165 number really stuck out. This one says a lot about Red Magic 7’s power to crush the gaming market.

On one hand, the 165Hz refresh rate of the phone will remain top notch, better than ROG Phone 6′ 144Hz one. That will go with a beautiful, 6.8-inch OLED uninterrupted display (at least on one phone model).

We’re gonna have on our hands at least one phone version with an under display fingerprint scanner and UD camera which, incidentally, will be a first for a gaming phone.

The 8MP selfie shooter is rumored to be out of sight this year, a decision that makes complete sense for a gaming phone as users need all the display they can get. 

Nubia Red Magic 7: Record Breaking Fast Charging

On the other hand, there will be a record breaking 165W fast charging speed for at least the China model.

So, Nubia Red Magic 7 could leave others in the dust with an under display camera, a 165Hz screen refresh rate and a 165W fast charging. 

Best of all? While these highlights are enough to draw you out and keep you asking for more, the rest of the phone is up to par, as well.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, for example, is a sure thing with its 1 million and more score on Antutu. That’s some serious power for users looking to play something more complex than Animal Crossing.

Nubia Red Magic 7: Game Mode and Other Great Features for Gamers

Speaking of those hard core mobile gamers, you should know that Red Magic 7 will return with several gaming goodies such as the game mode slider and air triggers on the side, plus a very capable active cooling fan. 

By the way, ZTE moved the air vent to the back which could mean two things: either the cooling system has been revamped or they figured this new location works better with the UX. 

Most of us tend to cover the side edges of a phone when playing in landscape mode, anyway, so, a back vent should function better… theoretically.

Nubia Red Magic 7: Camera

The triple camera on the back won’t bring any surprises. The 64MP main camera will return with the other two in tow and a flash stacked vertically. 

I don’t think we’ll see a hardware increase here but if I were to wish for better specs, I’d write down a better ultrawide camera and a tele instead of the macro. That, however, means giving the camera some extra thought and for a gaming phone… well, that seems pretty unlikely. 

On the bright side, the phone’s memory will go up to 16GB with a real chance for 18GB of RAM.

Nubia Red Magic 7: Design, Battery and Launch

According to the most recent Nubia teasers and online leaks, we should expect at least one model with a transparent back, edgy lines and RGB lights. There should also be a purple version in the works if you’re looking for something more punk.   

All models could give you a dual design battery of 4,500mAh (at the least), with international models getting even more juice out of it.

We’ll know the official Red Magic 7 specs and feature this month, as the phone will launch in the same timeframe as Samsung’s and Xiaomi’s new flagship lines.

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