NVIDIA Launches RTX Remix Runtime Open Source, Brings New Life to Old Games

nvidia rtx remix

Modders everywhere have reason to celebrate today, because the NVIDIA RTX Remix Runtime Open Source is now available.

For those who missed it, RTX Remix is a modding platform that brings new life to old games. With it, modders can upgrade DirectX 8 or 9 games to modern standards, adding goodies like full ray tracing and DLSS3.

In that RTX Remix software suite are two main apps that help modders modernize old games: the RTX Remix creator kit, which lets developers rebuild old assets and add lights, and RTX Remix runtime.

“The RTX Remix runtime captures a game scene, and replaces assets at playback while injecting RTX technology, such as path tracing, DLSS 3 and Reflex into the game.

It’s that RTX Remix runtime that is now available on GitHub as open source, enabling even more modders to not just work with it but work on it.

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What can a modder do with the open source NVIDIA Remix runtime?

In their announcement, Nvidia provides a few exciting details:

  • Making more of their favorite games compatible with Remix
  • Modernizing the fluid simulation to render smoke and fire with realistic volumetrics
  • Injecting custom post effects shaders in the runtime
  • Adding animated lights (e.g., flickering fire, or lights that cycle through colors)
  • Replacing animated character meshes
  • Changing camera positions in games (e.g., turning a first person game into an isometric one)
  • Incorporating virtual reality support into the renderer
  • Implementing dynamic conditional replacements (e.g., add fog or change a light in response to a player’s position)

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