Ōma Cinema Shows The Future of Moviegoing: Vertical, Opera-Like Platforms

Ōma Cinema Shows The Future of Moviegoing: Vertical, Opera-Like Platforms

With social distancing seemingly becoming the norm not just for this year, but 2021 as well, so most entertainment options will have to adapt.

Pierre Chican and Nicolas Chican, an architect and his partner, just introduced some cinema concepts that might make COVID-19-enforced distancing something of a perk the next time you go to the movies.

Pierre Chican, the designer of some of the most popular cinema theatres in Europe, now reinvisions the future of moviegoing as a vertical, opera-like experience, with suspended platforms.

oma cinema concepts vertical cinema

The Oma Cinema vertical cinema design means having suspended, separate platforms for groups of movie-goers,

Beyond the obvious benefits of less crowded spaces and more privacy, this also means every seat in the house is the best seat in the house, as the designer put it.

oma vertical cinema concept

The architect offers theatre-owners a modular, “design your own Oma Cinema” platform distribution, where they can choose to rearrange their space with any number and size of platforms.

You can see more of their proposed designs in the video above.

Hopefully, they will catch on and, once things resume back to normal, you’ll be able to watch a movie in such an incredible location.

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