OnePlus 8T, Better (and Worse) than Pixel 5 – Here’s Why

After releasing the attractive OnePlus Nord and 8 Series, OnePlus is going to come back with the 8T. And lemme tell you, it’s going to be hard to ignore them – even by Google Pixel 5 fans.

Even though the OnePlus 8T will launch relatively close to the iPhone 12, this October 14, that doesn’t make them automatically rivals. If you ask me, OnePlus 8T is going to go after Pixel’s consumer base. 

Especially after those who’ve been disappointed by Google’s decision to cut down on flagship features. You know, those of you who’d rather pay an extra buck for the best hardware and a kickass camera like Google’s engineers have made.

But we can’t have it all. Or at least, that’s what Google is telling us. OnePlus, though, doesn’t want to settle down and it’ll try to win you over again. The 8T will hit the sweet spot between the OnePlus 8 and the 8 Pro while refreshing their phone design a bit.

Like, really, just a bit. Just the edges of the smartphone, and the rear camera position. OnePlus 8T will have flat edges and a quad-camera that will sit on the top left corner of the back. Is that better? Is it worse? You tell us, in the comments below. 

But that’s aesthetics. What matters more is the quality of the display and the power fueling 8T underneath the hood. 

Turns out, OnePlus 8T will go boldly for a 120Hz refresh rate, more than the Pixel 5, and something I got used to seeing in gaming phones or Ultra-flagships. 

With a 6.5-inch screen, I can definitely imagine lots of OnePlus fans watching Netflix or going for a gaming session in their free time. Especially with the king of processors at the helm, the mighty 865 Plus.

OnePlus went for the gold, while Pixel 5 lost its way, some folks might say. To be honest, 765G is almost as good in day to day tasks. So really, there’s more of a difference on paper here than in real life. 

Besides, Pixel 5 guarantees an extraordinary camera experience, which is the reason most of us change smartphones every couple of years. We want a better camera, right? Well, OnePlus 8T is gonna do their best to offer something similar to Pixel 5 but might fail, simply because Pixel’s camera software is superior. 

After all, Google has shown they can do more with less. While most smartphone makers have increased camera numbers year after year. I mean, Nokia even went with five at one point!

And OnePlus 8T is not gonna break up the cycle. The phone is going to give you a quad camera, with a wide and macro included. That’s one camera more than the OnePlus 8, but it might not be as performant as the quad on the Pro. 

The processor, display, and camera will be supported by a 4,500mAh battery with, for the first time, a 65W fast charging! So, you’re getting a lot more battery life than Pixel 5 owners in no more than 40 minutes. 

But not everything’s peachy. See what is going to miss from the OnePlus 8T in the video above!

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