OnePlus CEO: No OnePlus 9T This Year

No soup OnePlus 9T for you, this year. The company’s CEO, Pete Lau, finally confirmed what we dreaded to hear months ago.

After five years of churning out a variety of models spun from the main flagship phone series of the year, OnePlus is changing lanes. Pete Lau confirmed that the T series we’ve come to expect in October/November won’t make an appearance this year.

The OnePlus CEO hasn’t expanded on the reasons behind their decision but it might have to do with their shift in priorities. The company’s merger with Oppo will also translate in a merger of their operating systems, something that’s possibly more important than launching OnePlus 9T.

As the companies come together, engineers are unifying the code underpinning Oxygen OS and ColorOS. While the branding and colors will stay the same, the new code should be “fast and smooth” and “clean and lightweight” like OxygenOS, but also “reliable” and “smart and feature-rich” like ColorOS.

This isn’t just an end-of-year project that’s bound to roll out for the flagship phones of 2022. Pete Lau said a beta version will come to already-launched phones, starting with OnePlus 9 this October.

Could we see the T series return in 2022? Can’t say although the upgraded phones will definitely be missed. The last T OnePlus phones got double charging speeds and higher refresh rates than the original ones.

We’ll follow OnePlus’ updates closely to see how the company will fill the gap left by the absence of these phones.

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OnePlus CEO: No OnePlus 9T This Year
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