No OnePlus 9T This Year, Leakster Says

No OnePlus 9T Will Come to Market This Year

OnePlus might take a drastic decision this year and skip a phone launch. The phone maker is rumored to keep its focus on the Nord and 9 series, postponing or ditching altogether its T line.

The twice-a-year cadence OnePlus taught us to expect might be up in the year this time around. According to the rumor mill, the OnePlus 9 T series is not going to happen.

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There won’t be a OnePlus 9T or Pro, OnePlus deciding instead it’s got enough on its hands with the regular series plus all the Nord phones released earlier in the year.

OnePlus hasn’t confirmed or put users to ease just yet. Of course, deciding to not launch anything this fall is a bold move and one that’s uncharacteristic for OnePlus.

The only reason why the company would decide something like that is the lack of suppliers or a strategy shift. There is an ongoing chip shortage so OnePlus might be forced by third parties to skip the series.

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On the other hand, the company might have decided to focus more on their Nord phones, mid-rangers that have done pretty well this year.

OnePlus Nord 2: A Mid-Range Device With Premium Features

After all, Pete Lau did say he’s looking to sell 24 million Nord phones by 2023. After launching the first Nord last year, more than 1 million Nord units were reportedly sold.

Now, OnePlus Nord 2 just went on sale at 400 euros (the 8GB+128GB of storage) and 500 euros (12GB+256GB of storage).

If the sequel helps them not only achieve their goal but surpass it, OnePlus just might have that change of heart regarding the T series.

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No OnePlus 9T Will Come to Market This Year
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