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Polar Ignite Smartwatch Can Detect How Tired You Are and Optimize Workouts

polar ignite smartwatch

Most smartwatches on the market today can detect biometric signals but few combine those into actionable advice. 

Polar aims to change that with the newly unveiled Polar Ignite smartwatch, which can detect your level of Tiredness or exertion, then adjust your next workouts accordingly. 

Here’s how this works:

Just like any other smartwatch, Polar Ignite tracks your sleep and provides you with insights. Next, it uses an optical sensor to measure the status of your autonomic nervous system to see how well rested you are. 

These recovery insights are then fed into FitSpark, the smartwatch’s daily training guide, which now has all the information required to optimize your next workout based on your energy levels. 

“FitSpark offers you 2-4 workout options every day: one that suits you best and 1-3 other options to choose from. The workouts are built to match your fitness level, training history and your recovery and readiness, based on your Nightly Recharge status from the previous night,” explains the official website.

That’s probably the biggest differentiator for the Polar Ignite. Of course, it also comes with the fitness tracker features you’d expect from a smartwatch – calorie, run and swim tracking, guided breathing exercises and so on. 

As for the looks, the Polar Ignite sports a minimalistic round design with interchangeable silicone straps. 

The smartwatch is already up for grabs at $230, with optional bands priced at $25.

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