Polaroid Now Brings Improved Nostalgia for $99
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Polaroid Now Brings Improved Nostalgia for $99

Polaroid had a hit on their hands with the Polaroid OneStep+ retro camera and now they’re bringing another tempting gadget.

The Polaroid Now brings an improved nostalgia-focused camera for just $99.

It also replaces the dual lenses of the $160 OneStep+ with a new autofocus lens that detects the subject and switches between a 35 mm or a 40 mm lens on its own.

Unfortunately, the $99 price tag means some nice features are missing.

The OneStep+ had Bluetooth pairing, letting you use your phone to take selfies remotely and switch exposure modes.

The Polaroid Now has a button that needs to be pressed once for self-timer and twice for double-exposure.

It uses the same i-Type film as the other Polaroid retro cameras, so you need to take that expense into account as well – each photo will cost you around $2.

polaroid now camera autofocus

If that doesn’t deter you, check Polaroid’s website soon to get a limited edition Polaroid Now.At retail, the camera will be available in black and white, but on the website you’ll have the options for red, orange, yellow, blue and green.

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