Qualcomm Resumes Business With Huawei

Qualcomm Resumes Business With Huawei


Huawei landed on the U.S government’s blacklist a few months ago and that situation made it lose ties with a number of its important partners. The restriction caused Huawei to launch its latest flagship without Google apps and to push forward its own proprietary OS.

Regardless of the situation, the company has always maintained a positive attitude towards its U.S partners and hoped that the would eventually trade together again.

The company eventually got an extended temporary reprieve of 90 days that allowed it to trade with U.S companies but the companies who were interested in doing so had to apply for a license for the products in order to do so. Following this announcement, over 120 companies sent in applications to the U.S Commerce Department. 

Qualcomm was one of them and, in a new announcement, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf confirmed that his company has not finally resumed doing business with Huawei. Mollenkopf did not disclose what products the company is selling to Huawei however. 

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei manufactures its own processors, the Kirin chip, but Qualcomm still plays a large part in some of its other Huawei and Honor devices. Considering Huawei spent around 11 billion in trade with U.S companies, Qualcomm, Intel and Micron included, it’s understandable why they would all be eager to continue dealing with the Chinese tech giant. 

The future of Huawei, at least in the Western world, still is a little murky but, by the looks of it, the company does not plan to leave without a fight. 

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