Qualcomm’s Roasting Google Pixel 6 for Tensor Chip Adoption

Qualcomm’s starting to lose ground, as more phone makers are working on their own chips. The lost business is getting to the tech giant, as shown by a recent tweet that was clearly a roast towards one of those phone vendors, likely Google and its Pixel 6 series.

As the Pixel 6 launch event approaches, with Google announcing its 2021 flagship phones next week, the pain of being left behind surfaced for Qualcomm.

The company couldn’t help but jump on the “red flag” meme bandwagon, indirectly criticising a phone maker’s decision to go with a proprietary chip instead of their legendary Snapdragon:


Now, Qualcomm isn’t officially taking a jab at Google, as the Mountain View titan isn’t specifically named, but it’s unlikely it is Samsung. After all the South Korean vendor still ships phone with Snapdragon chips in some markets.

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No, more likely is that Qualcomm is pointing its finger at Google which is debuting their first phones with proprietary chips this year.

Until now, Google has gone the Snapdragon route. The Pixel 5 phones used a mid-range Snapdragon chip but the chip makers has bumped up prices.

For this reason and probably in an effort to make processors that cater to their specific needs, Google has worked on Tensor. The chip is expected to be adopted by the Pixel 6 series as well as future flagships, including foldable phones.

In the same time, by going with their own processor, Google is making sure they have more control over that part of the phone. They’ve devised the SoC with Samsung, manufactured on the 5nm process. Google could ensure more updates and security patches if they worked with Tensor, instead of Snapdragon.

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Plus, the company said users would feel the benefits from the change. Tensor would be better fitted for machine learning tasks and camera and speech recognition processes.

Leaks have even reassured users that the Pixel 6 phones would be 80% faster than the Pixel 5 ones, which run on the Snapdragon 765G 5G. But it remains to be seen if Tensor can beat Snapdragon in benchmarks or if Qualcomm was right to issue a warning on Twitter.

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Qualcomm’s Roasting Google Pixel 6 for Tensor Chip Adoption
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