RED’s Hydrogen One Holographic Phone Is A Shocker

red hydrogen one holographic phone

RED kept its promise and sure enough, the company unveiled a totally unexpected product yesterday. We’re talking about an Android smartphone with holographic powers which, for the brand, is quite a shocker #mobilemagic

The Hydrogen One phone has a 5.7-inches display that can show both 2D as well as 3D virtual and augmented reality content. Its name spans from the Hydrogen Holographic display which is based on nanotechnology for content visualization in H4V 4 format.

The entire experience is amplified by a new H3O audio algorithm. It should give the user the sensation of 5.1 sound in its headphones, following every move of the head. RED plans on expanding this new line of gear into a modular one that will include accessories for top-notch video, still and holographic capture.

The company has also said that the smartphone they’re planning to release will be compatible with Scarlet, EPIC, and Weapon cameras . In this sense, it will work like a high-quality monitor and controller.

So, when will you get the chance to test for yourself the latest RED toy? While you can put a pre-order now at an early bird price (with surprise gift included), shipping will start in the first quarter of 2018. Hydrogen One with aluminum body will sell for the steep price of $1195 while the one with titanium body will take things at a whole new level, costing you $1595.

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