Russians Are Developing Combat Suits To Turn Simple Soldiers In Cyborgs

combat russia cyborg suit

Russians are no strangers to the use of recent technology to strengthen their military force. In fact, they’ve made headlines for manufacturing drone tanks and planning to shield fighter jets with UAVs. So what next? Apparently, a combat suit so smart, it can turn simple fighters in super soldiers #objectmagic

According to RT, the centerpiece of a recently opened high-tech prototype center in Moscow is Ratnik. “Ratnik” can be translated to warrior in English; in effect, the gear is a exoskeleton suit capable of granting humans super strength, more accuracy and stamina during long missions.

The Russian suit is definitely threatening, something out of Mass Effect. It looks cool, sturdy and powerful enough to withstand more than a couple of blows. That said, it’s pretty much a concept at this moment. It was developed in secret at the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building to represent a vision of the soldier of tomorrow.

Actually, the head of the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF) (which is Russia’s version of DARPA) has been clear about its vision for the battle field: “I see a greater robotization, in fact, future warfare will involve operators and machines, not soldiers shooting at each other on the battlefield”. If that’s the case, many lives could be spared the horrors of war…. as long as the tech remains under human control.

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