RED Hydrogen One Update: Yet Another Delay, Aluminum Version Free For Titanium Model Buyers

Credit: RED

RED’s Hydrogen One phone had passed its FCC certification back  in August and promised a holographic display for the Titanium version for the price of $1595, with shipping set for October 9, with Verizon and other carriers to receive the aluminum version on November 2.

Since then, it has all been pretty silent, with barely any words, video or photo teasers from the company itself. Now we know why – with the shipping date of the Titanium version closing in, RED decided to deliver some disappointing news to those who have pre-ordered the device: the Titanium model will be delayed. 

Company founder Jim Jannard made a post where he explained the delay. It started pretty grim:


This one is killing me. Trust me…The 1st run of Ti is a disaster. All fail.

I told you how difficult Ti was to make but I was assured by our ODM and vendors we would make enough for the pre-orders. We didn’t.

So what does that mean?

Our pre-order Ti customers are the highest order. Not only did they commit to paying the full price of the highest priced model 14 months ago, they had to patiently sit through the Houdini launch and watch from the sideline.

If I were a Ti pre-order customer, I would be pretty pissed off… so I assume that is the common reaction for all of our customers in this position.

– Jim Jannard

Jannard blamed supply chain issues for the delay, stating that the company has to rely on the schedules of their suppliers and that the phone was difficult to manufacture to begin with.

Though Jannard promises that the customers who have ordered the Titanium version of the device will also get a free Aluminium model for their troubles, he had also previously promised there would be enough phones for the pre-orders in the first place.

Those who have ordered the Hydrogen One Titanium model will be receiving the Aluminum version instead, once it begins shipping. When the Titanium issues are worked out and the product will be finished, they will also get this version delivered as well; though, obviously, there is no way to tell when the Titanium model will actually be delivered at this point.

Nonetheless, the general reaction to Jannard’s post was mostly positive: people will be getting two expensive smartphones for the price of one, after all.

Even so, due to the continuous delays that had plagued RED’s smartphones, the specs of the device don’t look all that great anymore, especially not for the current selling price.

It seems like RED is doing its best to appease its customers though, even if it means it will cost the company perhaps more than they have invested, but their effort in making amends seems to be appreciated by the general public.

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