RED is Finally Shipping The Hydrogen One for $1,595


RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone has been a topic for discussion ever since its inception in 2017 and probably the most prominent one has been its repeated delays.

In 2017, RED took pre-orders for the phone for a price tag of $1,595. The pre-orders failed to go through but the company promised that the users who have pre-ordered the phone will receive the aluminum version of it, free of charge, while they waited on the delivery of the original phone.

At long last, the Titanium variant is finally up for grabs – this model comes with 256GB worth of storage and is being sold directly through the RED website, not through the carrier partners.

Unfortunately the price is quite steep for a device that basically arrives with specs worthy of 2017, including a Snapdragon 835 – in addition to that, the modules it was supposed to feature were canceled, alongside the hopes and dreams of those who planned on using the device to shoot high quality, cinema-worthy videos.

It remains to be seen if the phone will get out of the slump it landed in, especially considering the price it retails for, but we have to give it to RED: in spite of having hit obstacle after obstacle, the company stayed true to its promise -even if it arrived about two years too late- and delivered the phone they said they would.

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