The Revolut Metal Debit Card Gives You Cryptocurrency Cashback

revolut metal cryptocurrency card cashback

Revolut, one of the rising stars of banking in Europe, made waves with this latest announcement.

The company unveiled Revolut Metal, a debit card (made out of metal) that promises up to 1% cashback in any currencies, including cryptocurrencies. If you want to build your digital piggy bank effortless, with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether, it could be a good choice. However, you should consider the security of anything that pops up in the world of crypto, since the area is filled with scams and cybersecurity risks.

The company spent a lot of time explaining just how good the Revolut Metal debit card looks and the attention given to its making.

“The new metal card is fully contactless and has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. At three times the weight of a regular card, Revolut Metal is crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel using a diamond drill bit. Paint particles have then been layered to the card using a physical vapor deposition, with customers’ details etched onto the card using a high precision laser.”

What’s concerning is that, on the security front, the company kept mum. Bitcoin or Ether’s price might not be going up anytime soon but that doesn’t mean crypto-owners should take risks with their hard-mined coins, so do your homework before ordering a Revolut Metal card.

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