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Turn Your Phone Into a Professional Studio With Roland’s Go:Mixer Pro

Your band can now rock out with their phones and record all the best jam sessions with one tiny but seriously cool audio mixer. Check out the palm-sized Roland Go: Mixer Pro!

After it revealed the affordable, $99 Go: Mixer back in 2017 at CES, Roland went to work on a successor that’s great for both studio work and casual karaoke evenings, as it comes with 9 input channels and 2 output channels.

The Roland Go: Mixer Pro comes with a dock to hold your smartphone, so you can not only record up to nine instruments, but you can get some video footage as well. This little sound mixer will also work great for live streaming.

“If your broadcast involves musical instruments, or you simply need high-quality sound, then you quickly run into the limitations of your smartphone’s built-in microphone. GO:MIXER PRO has multiple inputs for a well-balanced, great sounding mix, and its battery operation takes the strain from your smartphone, so you can livestream for longer. Depending on conditions, GO:MIXER PRO can run for over four hours on just four AAA batteries,” explains Roland.

Roland also highlighted the fact that the Go:Mixer Pro is compatible with the 4XCAMERA app which in the free version lets you record two-screen video and upgrades to 4-split screen music video in the paid version.

The only thing unknown so far is the price. Let’s just hope it’s just as affordable as last year’s Go:Mixer.

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