Saint Louis University To Place 2,300 Echo Dots In Student Living Spaces
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Saint Louis University To Place 2,300 Echo Dots In Student Living Spaces

Credit: Saint Louis University

If you are attending the Saint Louis University, you will find yourself surrounded by Alexa for Business devices in every student residence hall room or apartment on their campus.

Arizona State University already has some Echo Dots in the student housings byt SLU says that this is the first time a college will use Alexa-enabled devices through out every area of the student living spaces.

These Echo Dots will come packed with a unique feature which will allow the students to ask university-specific questions such as “What time does the library close tonight?“, for example. The device will be capable of providing them with information about events within the University, concerts and more.

And you know what some will yell about as soon as these devices are placed in such areas: privacy!

Rest easy though: SLU stated that every Echo Dot is managed by a central system that does not require any individual accounts to be used in order to access the devices. There will be no personal information collected, neither will they hang on to any recordings of the questions that are asked.

The students also have the option of unplugging the Echo. They can store it somewhere then turn it in at the end of the school year.

The University will deploy 2,300 of them and truth be told, it will be useful in proving the students access to information concerning the campus at all times of day or night, hence reduce the load of the University’s staff as well.

Do you think it’s a good idea or should we expect trouble in the long run?

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