Samsung Plans to Launch a Clamshell Phone with 6.7-inch Bendable Display Soon

Samsung Plans to Launch a Clamshell Phone with 6.7-inch Bendable Display Soon


Even though the Galaxy Fold (pictured above), Samsung’s first foldable phone, had to be called off due to issues with the mechanism, Samsung is undeterred.

The company will reportedly launch a new folding phone early next year and bank on the nostalgia factor with a clamshell design.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Samsung will go ahead and unveil a new luxury smartphone early next year. 

That device will apparently feature a 6.7-inch bendable display that will fold, flip phone-style, into a pocketable square.

The report also quotes sources who reveal that American designer Thom Browne was brought on the project by Samsung in the hopes of “appealing to a broader range of consumers that includes those more interested in fashion, status and luxury than a device’s tech specs.”

Meanwhile, Samsung is said to have completed the Galaxy Fold redesign to eliminate the display failures that forced the company to delay the April launch. 

Now, the Fold will launch in September in selected markets. 

Then, if all goes well, Samsung will hype up the next generation, the 6.7-inch clamshell that’s apparently planned to be both cheaper and slimmer.

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