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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, E and Fit Monitor Health Above All Else


In addition to releasing the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and the much-anticipated Galaxy Fold during the Unpacked event, the company also showed off three new smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit E.

The Galaxy Watch is designed to combine fitness functions with elegant design, to appease the users who might also be interested in the aesthetic aspect.

These new designs are thinner, lighter and more versatile than ever before and the watches also have a wider variety of straps the users can choose from.

Aside from the visual aspect, the Galaxy Active watch, for starters, monitors the data that matters the most – it’s capable of analyzing different types of activities like physical exercises and sleep while also keeping in check other features that relate to the user’s health.

To begin with, the watch features blood pressure monitoring, which is new for Samsung’s wearable lineup. All it needs is the My BP Lab app to work, an app developed in partnership with the University of San Francisco. From that point on, the watch can analyze blood pressure data daily and monitor the user’s physical health continuously.

There’s also a Stress Tracker feature, which measures stress levels and offers advice accordingly. If needed, the watch will also recommend breathing exercises that should, allegedly, help the user lower their stress levels, if the data concludes they are too high.

Of course, there’s also your regular Fitness Tracker feature. All users have to do is choose the activity they want to perform and the watch will do the rest.

In addition, the Galaxy Active can also detect when the user is running, cycling or starting a dynamic activity. Altogether, the watch supports 39 types of activities and it will also offer the option to set daily goals and monitor progress.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and can put up with depths of up to 50 meters.

Hardware-wise, it features a 1.1 inch AMOLED display with a 360×360 resolution, an Exynos 9110 processor with 768MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a 230mAh battery.

The Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E are similar to the Galaxy Active – the main differences rest in size and display.

The Galaxy Fit has a 0.95 inch 120×120 pixel full-color AMOLED display with MCU Cortex M3F CPU while the Galaxy Fit E comes with a smaller 64×128 monochrome PMLED 0.74 inch display with a built-in MCU Cortex M0 SoC.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will be hitting the shelves on March 8th and it will cost $199.99, with pre-orders already up and running. If you decide to pre-order the watch now, you will also receive a free wireless charging pad.

The Galaxy Fit on the other hand, will cost only $99, but you’ll have to wait until spring to buy it.

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